Etheruem’s blockchain may now be in the process of upgrading to new software – but that doesn’t mean notable developers aren’t reflecting on the process that was.

For example, while the update appears to have been successful, at least one provider of ethereumsoftware notably struggled with preparations for the rollout. As reported by CoinDesk, UK-based Parity Technologies, used by nearly 25 percent of the network, was beset with bugs through the weekend, a development that spurred speculation about last-minute delays.

But while that specter has been avoided, Parity founder and CTO Gavin Wood is now speaking out on the issues, citing the upgrade process as one that is rife with “lessons to be learnt” for the community of developers working on the second-largest blockchain by total value.

In response to requests for comment, Wood outlined his belief that it is perhaps too early to deem the so-called Byzantium code upgrade a successful one, noting the danger zone around a hard fork can extend for several days. Looking ahead, he said he feels that more foresight should be put into whether client software providers are ready to make the shift.

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