CarCo to launch ICO and platform to help drivers connect, interact, share experience, and get rewards

Token sales to begin on March 1, 2018, and anyone can invest and participate

CarCo is proud to announce they will soon be launching the ICO for their NextGen Drivers Application and Decentralized Social Network. The system is built on a social platform interface to help drivers and other users connect, interact, and share experiences. CarCo allows users to connect with people next to them and start communicating. Users can also sell their car, stay in touch with favorite services, and even play games. CarCo gives bonuses for every mile the app is used, and there are resources for trip planning, classifieds, social network, etc. CarCo system utilizes the cryptocurrency payment system CarcoPay, with the capacity for real-time conversion to fiat money. Token presale opens on March 1, 2018, Thursday, at 00:00 am (GMT).

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“Life can be so much fun and adventurous when you can connect with other people and share your experience. We created the CarCo for people like you. People who love to start new friendships, improve their lives, and socialize. Our decentralized social network is the next best thing for drivers, giving them the opportunity to connect, collect bonuses, and earn rewards for just driving their car. We invite you to come along and take part in this adventure,” said a representative of CarCo.

CarCo is a comprehensive mobile phone application and social network that allow drivers to connect, communicate, and earn rewards. With CarCo, making new friends and staying in touch is as easy as finding a car nearby using their plate number or checking the color and finding the car on the app. Drivers can also use the app to connect to sell their car, stay in touch with services like repair shops and restaurants, and make payment using the CarcoPay system. CarCo gives users bonuses for every mile they use the app, which can be converted to pay for services and play games.

The system will also introduce a unique advertising concept powered by artificial intelligence, which can be used as a targeted ad to convert users into happy clients. The Carco platform provides hands-free operation for complete voice control, has a universal communication interface that is sharp and beautiful, and has a large community.

CarCo has its own payment system called the CarcoPay, which utilizes CarCo tokens to pay for services without commission. In the pre-ICO and ICO campaign, a total of 650 million tokens will be issued and distributed. Pre-ICO campaign begins on March 1, 2018, and ends on April 30th, 2018. CarcoPay will offer a credit card that can be used for withdrawal of cash on ATMs or used for purchasing products and services in stores.

About CarCo 
Carco is a nextgen driver’s application, and decentralized social network that allows users to connect, interact, and share experience. The company is launching their ICO to enable people to invest in the idea, participate, and make huge returns. For more information, please visit

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