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CARCOpay in Techbullion’s press release

    CarCo to launch ICO and platform to help drivers connect, interact, share experience, and get rewards ByAngela Scott-Briggs Posted onFebruary 13, 2018 Token sales to begin on March 1, 2018, and anyone can invest and participate CarCo is proud to announce they will soon be launching the ICO for their NextGen Drivers Application and Decentralized Social Network. The system is built on a social platform interface to help drivers and other users connect, interact, and share experiences. CarCo allows users to connect with people next to them and start communicating. Users can also sell their car, stay in touch with favorite services, and…

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Pre-ICO Startup Marketing and PR Promotion: 4 Practical Tips

Pre-ICO Blockchain Startup Marketing and PR Promotion: 4 Practical Tips Image credit: Unsplash Today, many project teams reckon on launching their own ICO. It is a tempting idea as the Internet is packed with information on blockchain startups who attracted millions of dollars in just a few hours. Practically speaking, however, success never comes by chance. Good technology is not enough, you also need to arrange marketing and PR. Let’s see how to do it. Check the site content One of the most important elements of success is the project website. Today, there is endless information on the Internet about new startups using blockchain and “changing the…

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Power to the User: Accenture & Microsoft Are Changing Identity with Ethereum

Centralized ways of proving identity may soon have an expiration date. A lofty claim, perhaps, but the idea is arguably bolstered by the launch this week of a functioning blockchain prototype this week built by Microsoft and Accenture. The technology could one day allow users to accumulate verified information about their identity in a profile they control. Instead of permanently handing over that information to a university, a healthcare provider or a potential employer, the owner of the identity could choose exactly who gets access to what data – and for how long. The global head of Accenture's capital markets blockchain practice, David Treat, explained in the first live demo…

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